# Introduction 0.1.0-alpha


KDF is currently an experimental document format, and may change suddenly and without notice at any time.

The following is a technical specification for the Koi Document Format. KDF is an open source, JSON based document format, that aims to breath some life back into your document editing experience. KDF was designed to enable a brand new document processor named Koi.

# Features

We've packed many great features into KDF. Here's some highlights:

  • Everything you expect: Support for all the document features you know and love. Because KDF is still experimental, some of these features may still be in development, however.
  • Migrations: Functions which automatically upgrade KDF documents to be in compliance with the latest version of the specification.
  • More layout control: KDF embraces nonlinear layouts, allowing you to design the documents of your dreams.
  • Web & print documents: Create documents for print or for the web. You can create your blogs, technical documentation, and more all in one document format.
  • Collaboration: A document format which enables authors to work collaboratively on documents. Coming soon.
  • Colour palettes: Create custom colour palettes that follow your documents wherever they go. Even to other collaborators!
  • Open source: KDF is 100% open source. We've built this specification so that other application developers can make the most of KDF too.

# Motivation

Modern document editors all suffer from the same issues—feature bloat, formatting pains, and stagnation. It's an industry of convention and tradition, where the dominant forces define everything from user interface to user experience. As a result, we see almost no attempts to innovate or challenge established ideas.

To begin resolving this issue, we need to first design a new document format that considers the requirements of modern times. The design decisions we make at the document format level are crucial, as they will flow on to impact the experience of our document editors as well. To this extent, KDF has been designed to embody the following needs:

  • Modern documents need to be accessible both online and in print.
  • Modern document formats should be updated as we learn more. They should embrace gradual improvement over time, and take advantage of the ideas of many contributors.
  • Modern documents must embrace collaboration.
  • Modern document formats should encourage creativity and experimentation, both in content and in design.